Greg Whitters

Operations Manager

Greg has worked for OCC Enterprises since March 2008 as the Operations Manager. His background has been in manufacturing with over 25 years’ experience in the automotive and packaging industries. Continue reading “Greg Whitters”

Athena Kontonis

Learning & Assessment Manager

Athena has worked at OCC Enterprises for 19 years in various roles within the organisation including OC Connections – My Life & OC Connections – My Home. At OCC Enterprises, Athena has used her Bachelor of Applied Science in Intellectual Disability Studies qualifications in her roles as Production Supervisor and Quality Assurance Coordinator before moving into the position of Learning & Assessment Manager. Continue reading “Athena Kontonis”

John Lapierre

Sales Representative

John commenced as a Sales Representative for OCC Enterprises in March 2012. He has a strong background in sales, especially within the automotive industry including roles in Account Management and successfully operated his own business for 15 years. Continue reading “John Lapierre”