OCC Enterprises is committed to ensuring that the people accessing services are provided with high quality services that meet their needs and expectations.

A systematic approach to quality improvement is used to ensure service standards are met and positive outcomes are delivered. The service standards are defined by the:

  • Department of Human Service Standards regarding State Funded Services, and
  • Disability Employment Standards regarding Commonwealth Funded Services.

OCC Enterprises’ Quality Management System (QMS) is defined as the organisational structure, procedures, processes and resources needed to measure the effectiveness of producing goods and services to clients and customers. The purpose of the QMS is to develop and maintain an organisational system which provides quality assurance and audit through every area of OCC Enterprises while optimising the process of production and customer satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement

OCC Enterprises is committed to quality assurance of our services. Responsibilities are structured to ensure:

  • All work requirements are properly defined, accomplished and verified.
  • All people work within the framework for quality.

Managers and staff shall ensure that continuous improvement requirements and processes are documented, implemented and integrated into the regular work practices in their respective areas of responsibility, and that all documents are appropriate and clearly reflect the current work activities.

Accreditation (BSI)

The federal government’s Department of Social Services requires all Australian Disability Enterprises to annually review their quality framework to acknowledge the importance of delivering quality services and to ensure that processes are in place that meet the needs of people with a disability.

OCC Enterprises utilises the services of an independent certification body to access against the Victorian Disability Service Standards.

This certification process allows OCC Enterprises to:

  • Demonstrate a practical understanding of the standards and legislation
  • Improves Continuous Improvement processes
  • Improves staff responsibility, commitment and motivation
  • Improves overall performance

Specification Sheets

Specification sheets are developed for all repeat jobs at OCC Enterprises.

The specification sheets provide a detailed breakdown of instructions required to carry out one or more steps or tasks in a job. The Specification Sheets form the best practise by a team and are retained in the department where the work is performed.

The Specification sheet enables our staff to observe a production process with an understanding of how assembly tasks are to be performed. It ensures the quality level is understood and serves as an excellent training aid, enabling replacement or temporary individuals to easily adapt and perform the assembly operation.